The True North Strong and Somewhat Free


I realize that complaining about democracy while living in Canada can seem unreasonable. With debate swirling around the Enbridge pipeline, there are citizen concerns that the pipe, and potential leaks, will have a negative impact on their community. One would assume that living in democracy warrants the right to oppose the pipeline, and Stephen Harper a backhanded way. Last spring Bill C-38 was passed by Harper’s Conservative government and within this bill was a strategic clause to repress any opposition to the pipeline. According to Bill C-38, any member of the public or stakeholder who wants to make formal comments regarding the proposed Enbridge pipeline, must complete a 10 page application. Even more astonishing, there is a request that the applicant provide references and a resume. Why does a concerned citizen need to include a resume? Who cares about their employment history? In addition, the application period was only two weeks and required an absurd amount of red tape for those wishing to comment.A democratic state means anyone can have a say, not just those who meet rigid criteria.